Hanger Covers Pattern #G-119

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Hanger Covers Pattern

MATERIALS: J. & P. Coats or Clark's O.N.T. Pearl Cotton, Size 3 (Large Ball), 1 ball will cover 1 hanger … Steel Crochet Hook No. 6.

   Starting at one end, ch 5. Join with sl st to form ring. 1st rnd: (Sc in ring, ch 3) 4 times. 2nd rnd: (Sc in next loop, 3 dc in next sc) 4 times. 3rd rnd: * Skip 1 dc, sc in next dc, 3 dc in next sc. Repeat from * around. Re­peat 3rd rnd until piece measures half the length of hanger. Break off. Make another piece the same as this. Insert hanger into each piece and sew to­gether at center. Wind thread around metal hook of hanger until covered. Sew ends securely. Trim as desired. Buttons may be sewed to each end of hanger to accommodate skirt loops.