Junior Crochet and Knitting Manual | Book No. 112 | The Spool Cotton Company

Junior Crochet and Knitting Manual | Book No. 112 | The Spool Cotton Company

Junior Crochet and Knitting Manual
Book 112
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1937

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Patterns Included: 
Belt, Hexagon Mat, Circle Motif, Calot, Skull Cap, Collar and Belt Set, Collar and Cuff Set Edging, Pillow Case Edging, Sleeveless Pullover, Envelope Purse, two Crochet Edgings, Circular Collar, Handkerchief Edging, Pot Holder, Tumbler Muff, Jacket Blouse, School Pillow, Ribbed Hat, Sweater Blouse, Rib Stitch Sweater, Two Piece Dress, Knitted Wash Cloth, Sport Scarf, Knitted Jacket Blouse.

First Lessons in CROCHET and KNITTING

LONG, long ago, before the days of written history in those far-eastern countries where civilization began, the matter of making clothes had to be considered, just as it does today. As you know, there were no shops from which to buy, therefore everything had to be made by hand.

While the men were away all day hunting, the girls and women were at home preparing meals, making clothes and trying to make the best of the materials with which they had to work.

They found that the grasses, vines and the inner bark of trees could be soaked, beaten and then separated and twisted into the finished thread-like substance used in many different ways.

And so, down through the ages, these handicrafts have come to us, until today with our modern tools, our beautiful threads and yarns and our simple but attractive designs, we are able to make all the pretty things that we might want.

These girls and women in prehistoric times used these fibers and by twisting, looping or braiding them, they were forming the founda­tion for our present crochet and knitting. Later, they carved crude hooks from bone which enabled them to make a series of loops and thus fashion a piece of cloth which could be made into garments.

Think how different and simple it is today to be able to buy, without any effort, just exactly the kind of thread or yarn you want, in the color that you like best!

Wouldn't you like to learn to crochet and knit so that you, too, can make a scarf, or a hat or a sweater for yourself?

It is easy, if you use this book to help you and it is fun to do. Simply start reading the next page and follow through the entire book, making the stitches and items which are shown. After you have completed this book you will be ready to make the more difficult things shown in fashion and household books.