Windmill Chair Set Pattern #7089

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Windmill Chair Set Pattern #7089

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Knitting and Crochet Cotton, 4 balls, Dk. Ecru.
Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Six Strand, 3 skeins of China Blue, 2 skeins each of Dk. Orange and Colonial Brown, and 1 skein of Orange.
A steel Afghan hook, size C.

When completed, chair back measures about 23 x 12 inches, and each arm piece about 8 x 11½ inches.

Afghan Stitch. Work as follows: Make specified number of chains. 1st row: Skip 1st ch from hook, draw up a loop in each ch across, retaining all loops on hook. This is half a row. For 2nd half, thread over, draw through 1st loop only, * thread over, draw through 2 loops. Repeat from * until 1 loop remains on hook. 2nd row: Draw up a loop under perpendicular bar of next st and each st across, retaining all loops on hook. Work loops off as for 2nd half of 1st row. Be sure to have same number of sts on each row.

Head Rest. Starting at narrow end, ch 83 loosely (to measure about 10½ inches) and work in Afghan stitch, increasing 1 st at end of next row (this is lower edge) and at same edge each row 6 more times (to increase make an extra st at back of perpendicular bar). Work straight until piece measures 5 inches in all. Then dec. 1 st on each of next 7 rows at edge where increases were made before (to decrease work off 2 sts as 1 st). This completes first scallop. Continue center scallop, increasing 1 st at scallop edge, each row, 14 times. Work straight until piece measures 16 inches in all. Then work to correspond with opposite end, decreasing at lower edge where increases were made before, and increasing where decreases were made. Break off.

Embroidery. Measure up 4 inches from lower edge, between scallops, and mark with pins. Then, with 3 strands of Dk. Orange Six Strand, work a vertical row of cross stitch, working from top edge to pin mark. Then, with China Blue, work a row of cross stitch at both sides of each Dk. Orange row, to within 1¼ inches from bottom of Dk. Orange row. Work Dutch girl in middle of center scallop, and a windmill on each side scallop, as in diagram, 2¼ inches up from lower edge, making one cross stitch for each square and using colors as specified. Then work a row of China Blue cross stitch all around edges, omitting top edge. Work a row of Dk. Orange cross stitch directly inside this row.

Arm Pieces. Starting at long side, ch 85 loosely and work as for head rest, increasing 1 st at left edge, each row, 11 times. Work straight until piece measures 6¾ inches, then work to correspond with opposite side.

Embroidery. Make a windmill at center, 2¾ inches up from lower edge. Finish edges as for head rest.

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