Butterfly Motif Pattern #CT-252

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Butterfly Motif Pattern

MATERIALS: J. & P. Coats Tat­ting-Crochet, Size 70, 2 balls of Shaded Orange … Steel Crochet Hook No. 14 … A hemstitched hand­kerchief, 11½ inches square.

BUTTERFLYLarge Wing (Make 2) … Starting at center, ch 15. 1st row: Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 3; working along opposite side of starting chain, make dc in each ch across. Ch 3, turn. 2nd row: Skip first dc, dc in each dc across, making 3 dc, ch 3 and 3 dc in ch-3 sp. Ch 1, turn. 3rd row: Sc in first dc, sc in each dc across, making 5 sc in ch-3 sp. Ch 5, turn. 4th row: * Skip next sc, dc in next sc, ch 2. Repeat from * across to center sc of 5-sc group; in center sc make (dc, ch 2) 3 times and dc. Complete other side to correspond. Ch 1, turn. 5th row: 2 sc in each sp across, making 5 sc in center sp at point. Ch 5, turn. 6th and 7th rows: Repeat 4th and 5th rows. 8th row: Repeat 4th row. 9th row: * 3 sc in next sp, ch 3, sc in 3rd ch from hook (picot made). Repeat from * across. Break off.

SMALL WING (Make 2) … Work as for Large Wing until 6 rows are completed. 7th row: Repeat 9th row of Large Wing.

BODY … Starting at center, ch 5. Join with sl st to form ring. 1st rnd: Ch 4, 15 tr in ring. Join with sl st to 4th ch of ch-4. 2nd rnd: Ch 4, tr in same place as sl st, 2 tr in each tr around. Join. 3rd rnd: Ch 4, tr in same place as sl st, * tr in next tr, 2 tr in next tr. Repeat from * around. Join and break off. Gather center of straight edge of wings and sew to body. Pin Butterfly in place on corner of handkerchief. Cut out material across back and make a narrow hem neatly across. Sew Butterfly in place.

ANTENNAE … Make a chain 2½ inches long. 1st row: 10 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in first sc, sc in each ch across, making 10 sc in last ch, sl st in first sc of last 10-sc group. Break off. Sew Antennae in place.

EDGING 1st rnd: Attach thread to first hole on edge of handkerchief following point of wing, sc closely around to point of next wing, making 3 sc in each corner, sl st in point of wing. Ch 4, turn. 2nd rnd: * Skip 1 sc, dc in next sc, ch 1. Repeat from * across side to center sc of next corner; in center sc make (dc, ch 1) twice and dc; work across other sides to corre­spond. Sl st in point of next wing. Turn. 3rd rnd: In each sp around make sc, picot and sc. Join to point of next wing. Break off.