Daisy Nosegay Pattern #2209

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Daisy Nosegay Pattern #2209

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet, 1 ball of White or Ecru, size 5 and 1 ball each of Yellow and Green, size 30. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 9. 2 yards of flower wire.

Petals. To begin, with White or Ecru ch 18 (to measure about 1½ inches), turn. 1st row: D c in 4th ch from hook, d c in each of next 12 ch, 1 half d c in next ch, s c in next ch. Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: Sl st in each of first 2 sts, s c in each d c across, 2 s c in last d c. Ch 1, turn. 3rd row: Place wire across row, and working over wire, make s c in each s c across, and sl st in each sl st, taking care to cover wire completely. Break off. Make 8 more petals in the same way.

Daisy Center. With 2 strands of Yellow, ch 5, join with sl st to form ring. Ch 4, and make 18 tr in ring. Join with sl st. Break off. Place petals as in illustration, sewing them securely together at base (the end with sl sts is base of petal). Then sew center of daisy in position.

Stem. Cover a piece of flower wire (about 6 inches long) with 2 strands of Green, by winding the thread around tightly. Double one end and twist it tightly to make a piston. Draw other end through center of daisy, double this end to keep thread from coming undone.

Calyx. With 2 strands of Green, ch 7 and join with sl st to form ring. Then ch 4, make 2 d tr in ring, make a ch-5 p, * 3 d tr in ring, make 1 p, repeat from * 7 more times. Join and break off. Pass stem through center of calyx and sew calyx to daisy along edges. This completes one daisy. Make 2 more daisies in the same way and join all stems together, placing daisies as in illustration.