Irish Crochet Jabot Pattern #2118

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1 Large Ball Size 30 White.
Steel Crochet Hook Number 12 or 13.

Ch 108, d c in 5th st from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 st, d c in next st, repeat from * across ch, ch 3, turn.
2nd Row. Work 1 d c in each d c and 1 d c in each ch, ch 4, turn and work 1 more row of 1 ch meshes, ch 8, turn.
4th Row. S c in 1st mesh, * ch 7, s c in next mesh, ch 7, s c in same mesh, repeat from * to corner mesh, in corner mesh work 7 loops, work 4 loops over end d c, 7 loops in next corner and work other side to correspond, ch 8, turn and work 14 more rows of 7 ch loops, ch 8, turn.
19th Row. S c in 1st loop, * ch 4, in next loop work 2 d c, 4 ch picot, and 2 d c, ch 4, s c in next loop, ch 7, s c in next loop, repeat from * across row, ch 8, turn.
20th Row. Work a shell in each 7 ch loop and work a 7 ch loop over each shell. Repeat last row twice.
Starch with a thin starch if desired and iron while still damp.