Zulu Doll Pattern #2123

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1 Skein Black.
16 Yards of Red.
8 Yards of White.
2  Bone rings for ears.

Fold skein of Black into a 12½ inch fold, tie tightly about 1½ inches from top (for hair), tie again about 2½ inches from last tie for head, tie again about 2½ inches from last tie for body. Separate the remainder and tie both sections about 1½ inches from bottom for legs, cut each loop at top for hair, trim and brush.

Arms. With Red cut 40 strands about 8 inches long, draw through body and tie ends.

Skirt. Cut 25 Red strands about 8 inches long and loop them over a 15 inch strand of yarn. Tie around waist. Embroider eyes and nose with White, mouth with Red. Sew two bone rings in position for ears. Trim the yarn at ends of arms and legs.