Child's Beanie Pattern #2121

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1 Skein Red and 1 Skein White will be sufficient for Purse and Beanie.
4 inch Zipper.
Bone Crochet Hook Number 4 or 5.

With Red, ch 17, 1 s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each of the next 11 chs, sl st in each of the next 4 chs, ch 1, turn.
2nd Row. Sl st in each of the first 4 s c, s c in each of the next 12 s c. Pick up White, ch 1, turn and * work 2 rows in White, 2 rows in Red, repeat from * 12 times and work 2 rows of White. Sew beanie together.

Top of Beanie. Ch 3, 7 s c into 1st st of ch, do not join rows.
2nd Row. 2 s c in each s c.
3rd and 4th Rows. * 2 s c in 1st s c, 1 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around, break yarn. Sew in place in top of hat.

Pom Pom. Wind 75 strands of White over a 4 inch cardboard, slip off the cardboard, tie through the center, cut both ends, trim and fasten to beanie as illustrated.