Daisy Necklace & Bracelet Pattern #2108

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1 Ball each of Blue, Yellow and White.
12 Bone Rings ⅝ inch in Diameter at outer edge.
14 Bone Rings ¾ inch in Diameter at outer edge.
1 Clasp for Bracelet.
1 Small Bottle Colorless Nail Polish.
Steel Crochet Hook Number 7.

Flowers. With Yellow, ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring.
1st Round. Ch 1, 8 s c in ring, join to first s c with a sl st, ch 5, break thread about 6 inches from hook, pull end of thread through last st of ch 5. Tie in knot to loose end at starting point and fasten both ends securely (this makes the loop on back of flower to string it by).
Attach White to one st of flower center and working through back loops of last row of Yellow * ch 8, sl st in same st, sl st in next st, and repeat from * in every st. Fasten off. Make 9 flowers.
Slip the loops of the flowers on a small pencil, this makes them easier to hold while applying the Colorless Nail Polish and holds the loops out in shape while drying. Coat both sides of the flowers and the loops with the Polish. Shape the petals with fingers while still wet, allow to dry thoroughly, then give them a second coat.

Chain for Necklace. With Blue ch 60 (for tie at back) then continue with * 12 s c in one of the smaller bone rings, ch 1, repeat from * until half of each of six small rings have been covered. Then make 14 s c in one of the larger rings, * ch 4, drop st from hook, draw it through the loop of a flower, sl st in the 3rd st from hook of ch 4, ch 1. Work 7 s c in another ¾ inch ring, ch 2, drop st from hook, draw it through a flower loop, sl st in second ch from hook and continue in same ring, with 7 more s c. Repeat from * until all flowers are fastened, working 14 s c in last ¾ inch ring. * Ch 1, 12 s c in a small ring, and repeat from * for remain­ing 5 rings. Ch 60 for other end of back tie and fasten off.

Bracelet. With Blue 14 s c in a ¾ inch ring, * turn the work over and sl st through both loops of the 13th s c in ring, then work 14 s c in another ring, and repeat from * for the 8 rings. Fasten clasp in position.