Block Pillow & Rug Patterns

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Block Pillow & Rug Patterns

Materials Required:
1—70 yd. skein each Lt. Blue, Med. Blue, Pink, Leaf Green, Natural and Yellow for Pillow
3—70 yd. skeins each of above colors and
2—70 yd. skeins National Blue for Rug and Pillow
Aluminum Crochet Hook Size J OR ANY SIZE HOCK WHICH WILL RESULT IN STITCH GAUGE BELOW Foam Rubber for Pillow

GAUGE: 5 sc = 2 inches
Each square measures 9½ inches


Ch 23, 1 s c in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining st of ch, ch 1, turn—22 s c. NEXT ROW: 1 s c in each s c, ch 1, turn. Repeat last row 23 times, do not cut yarn. Work 1 round of s c all around, working 3 s c in each corner, and 20 s c on each side, join. Cut yarn. Work 5 more squares, one of each color. With National Blue embroider letter and animal in cross st according to chart. Sew squares tog through back loop of sts as illustrated leaving an opening for filling. Fill block with foam rubber. Sew opening closed.


Work 2 squares of each color same as pillow and sew squares tog through loop in back of st as illustrated. BORDER: With matching colors, work sc all around working in loop in back of each st, and working 3 s c in loop in back of each corner st. NEXT 5 ROUNDS: Working through both loops, 1 s c in each st and 3 sc in each corner st. NEXT ROUND: Work 1 sl st in each st.

With National Blue embroider squares ac­cording to chart. Embroider border in cross st working a cross st over every other st. Work cross sts in alternat­ing s c in remaining rows as illustrated.

Block Pillow & Rug Patterns Chart