Junior Miss Bag Pattern

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Junior Miss Bag Pattern

Five feminine, frivolous and fun-to-make bags —adorable with spring-summer costumes and all amazingly easy to make. Three have Basket Bag Bottoms (ready-made); all have Drawstring Tops, and all are ready to carry everything that goes into a lady's purse.

DRITZ Sparkle Belastraw Art. 146, 2 tubes
DRITZ Basket Bag Bottom No. 262
DRITZ Metal Crochet Hook No. 2
24 beads or round buttons ½” in diameter
Lining material

GAUGE: 13 sts = 2"

*  Insert hook through straw basket ½" down from next point and make 3 sc in point, 4 sc in next point. Repeat from * around having an even number of sts around.
1st rnd: * Sc in next sc, ch 1, skip next sc. Repeat from * around.
2nd rnd: * Sc in next sc, ch 1. Repeat from * around.
3rd to 28th rnds incl: Repeat 2nd rnd.

BEADING: Ch 6, * skip ch 1, sc and ch 1; dc in next sc, ch 3. Repeat from * around joining last ch-3 with sl st in 3rd st of starting chain. Work sl st in each ch st and in each dc around. End off.

BALL TRIM—1st rnd: Ch 2, work 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook.
2nd rnd: 2 sc in each sc.
3rd and 4th rnds: Sc in each sc. Slip bead inside this piece.
5th rnd: * Work off 2 sc as 1 sc. Repeat from * until opening is closed. End off securely. Cover all beads in this way. Place 11 pins evenly spaced in top edge below beading. At­tach yarn at a pin, * ch 8, sl st in top of a covered bead, ch 8, sl st where next pin is.
Repeat from * around joining last ch-8 with sl st where yarn was attached. Finish top edge of basket in same way. Line with lining material.

DRAWSTRING (make 2): Cut four 2-yd. strands of Belastraw. Follow directions for Twisted Cord on patternbook page. Sew a covered bead to joined ends of each drawstring.


pattern was corrected on 3/22/13