Monte Carlo Gloves Pattern #2097

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Monte Carlo Gloves Pattern #2097

Materials: J. & P. Coats Tatting Cotton, 7 balls of Black, size 70. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 12. ½ yd. black round elastic.

Right Hand. Beginning at wrist, ch 145 and join with sl st to form ring. Then ch 1 and holding elastic above ch, make 1 s c in each st (working over elastic), join with sl st. 1st rnd: Ch 5, * skip 2 s c, 1 d c in next s c, ch 2, repeat from * until 44 sps are made, then ** ch 2, skip 1 s c, d c in next, and repeat from ** until 8 more sps are made (52 sps in all). 2nd, 3rd and 4th rnds: Ch 2, d c in 1st sp, * ch 2, d c in next sp, repeat from * around. 5th rnd: Ch 2, make 2 d c with ch-2 between in next sp (an increase), make 5 sps, ch 2, 2 d c with ch-2 between in next sp (thus starting thumb), 30 sps, ch 2, 2 d c in next sp, ch 2, 2 d c in same sp (1 shell), ch 2, skip 1 sp, shell in next sp, and work around with ch 2 sps. 6th rnd: Make 2 d c with ch-2 between in sp of increase of previous rnd. 6 sps, increase over next increase, and continue in ch-2 sps, skip the sp just before 1st shell, ch 2, make shell over shell, ch 2, shell over next shell, ch 2, skip next sp, and work around in ch-2 sps. 7th rnd: Same as 6th rnd but do not skip a sp before and after the shells and also make 7 sps between the increases (instead of 6 sps). 8th to 16th rnds incl: Repeat 6th and 7th rnds alternately, working increase over increase and shell over shell (having 1 sp more in each rnd). 17th and 18th rnds: Work as before omitting increases for thumb.

Thumb: Work sps from sp directly above 1st increase of thumb to 2nd increase, ch 10, and make 1 d c in sp directly above the 1st increase, and work around for thumb, having 21 sps. 2nd and subsequent rnds: Work sp over sp in spiral until thumb is 1 rnd less than desired length (about 17 rnds). It is better not to have thumb and fingers too long. * Then work 1 d c in each sp (omitting ch-2's), then 1 s c in each d c, and then skip 1 s c, s c in next, work around in s c's until no s c's are left. Breakoff *. Palm. Join thread to top of d c where ch-10 was made and work around and around until there are 22 rows of shells. Hereafter work sps omitting shells until when glove is tried on, it reaches to the base of fingers.

Fingers. Put glove on and mark fingers by putting a safety pin on palm and back of hand between each finger. Forefinger. Work ch-2 sps around making ch 8 to join the loops together which were held together by a pin between forefinger and middle finger. Do not remove pin. Work in spiral (making 3 sps over ch-8) for about 18 rnds, or until 1 rnd less than desired length. Then repeat from * to * of thumb. Middle Finger. Attach thread to sp at pin on palm side between ring finger and middle finger. Work sps across, making d c in loops where previous pin is, 3 sps over ch-8 between fingers, ch 8, d c in sp where same pin is on back of hand, work sps across, making ch 8 to join the sps together that have been held together by the pin between middle finger and ring finger. Work in spiral over sps until 1 rnd less than desired length. Then repeat from * to * of thumb. Ring and Little Fingers. Same as forefinger and middle finger.

Cuff. 1st rnd: Attach thread to 1st s c at wrist, ch 4 (to count as tr), tr in same s c from which ch-4 started, ch 2, 2 tr in same s c, * skip 5 s c, 2 tr in next s c, ch 2, 2 tr in same s c (another shell made), repeat from * around (24 shells). Entire cuff is worked in spiral in shells. 2nd and 3rd rnds: Make shell over 1st shell, * shell over next shell, repeat from * around. 4th, 5th and 6th rnds: Shell over shell with ch-1 between each shell. 7th to 18th rnds incl: Work shell over shell of previous rnd increasing 1 ch between shells every 3 rnds, making 5 ch between shells in the last 3 rnds. Next rnd: * D c in ch-5 sp, ch 3, 5 d c over the d c just made. D c in ch-2 sp of shell, ch 3, 5 d c over the d c just made. Repeat from * around, then break off.

   Make other glove to correspond reversing position of thumb.