Crocheted Stocking Cap Pattern

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This Crocheted Stocking Cap with Beads can be made with:

3 ozs. Flame or color desired.
Plastic crochet hook, size J same as size 9.
125 medium size pearl beads.

GAUGE: 2 rows = 1 inch.

Cap is worked rather loosely throughout.

Ch 4, join to form a ring, ch 1 and work 8 s c in ring, join.

2nd Round: * Insert hook in next s c, pull loop up ½ inch, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook, the stitch will now have a single thread at back of loop, insert hook under the single thread, yarn over and pull loop through (2 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops at one time, repeat from * 7 times, do not join this or the following rounds. Place a marker at beginning of each round.

3rd Round: Draw up a ½ inch loop on hook, yarn over and pull through loop forming a ch, s c over single loop of st, s c in next s c (single knot st), repeat from * 7 times.

4th Round: * Work a single knot st, s c in next s c, repeat from * all around (8 single knot sts).

5th Round: * Work a single knot st, s c in next s c, work a single knot st, s c in next s c, work a single knot st, s c in same s c (an increase), repeat from * 3 times (12 single knot sts).

6th & 7th Rounds: Work even.

8th Round: Increase 1 single knot st after every 3rd single knot st (16 single knot sts). Work 7 rounds even.

Next 25 Rounds: Work even, but draw up loops about 1 inch.

41st Round: Turn work to wrong side and * work 1 s c in long loop and 1 s c in s c of same knot st, 1 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around, join (48 s c).

42nd Round: 1 s c in each s c, join, turn.

43rd Round: 1 s c in each s c, join, cut yarn.

FINISHING: Starting at top of cap, sew on 22 pearls close together forming a large marble size knot. Sew remainder of pearls over the 1st 12 rounds sewing over the s c of knot sts placing pearls about 1 inch apart.

Other jewelry, like sequins, rhinestones, or decorative buttons can be substituted for pearls.

Cap can be worn in different ways as follows: roll back to form a turban, or for cold days wrap end around neck and fasten on opposite side.

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