Crocheted Slipon Sweater Pattern | Sizes 12 (14, 16)

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This Slipon can be made with:

“GEM” HAT and BAG YARN, Article 144.
11 (12, 12) skeins medium Blue or color desired
“DAWN” BULKY YARN 11 (12, 12) skeins. White or color desired.
Aluminum crochet hook size K.
8 inch zipper.

Directions are given for size 12. Sizes 14 and 16 are given in brackets.

GAUGE: 3 s d c = 1 inch.

Measurements Sizes 12 (14, 16)
Across front and back at underarm 18” (19”, 20”)
Side Seam 13” (14”, 15”)
Sleeve Seam 17 ½” (18 ½”, 19 ½”)

Starting at right sleeve ch 21 (24, 27), s d c in 3rd st from hook (s d c: yarn over hook, insert in st, pull loop through, yarn over and pull through all loops at one time), 1 s d c in each remaining st of ch, 20 (23, 26) s d c, ch 2, turn. Always count turning ch as 1 st. Increase 1 st each row by always working in first st after turning ch and working last st in turning ch.

2nd Row. Working in lower front loop of each s d c, work 1 s d c in each s d c, 1 s d c in turning ch, ch 2, turn.

3rd Row. Working in lower back loop of sts, work 1 s d c in each s d c, 1 s d c in turning ch, ch 2, turn. Alternate these 2 rows until there are 50 (53, 56) sts including turning ch, cut yarn.

Ch 40 (43,46) work across 50 (53, 56) sts, ch 41 (44, 47).

Next Row. S c in 3rd st from hook, 1 s c in each of the next 18 sts (20 sts in all counting turning ch). Work next 20 (23, 26) sts in s d c, continue in pattern across next 50 (53, 56) sts of sleeve, 1 s d c in each of the next 20 (23, 26) sts of ch, 1 s c in each of the last 20 sts, ch 2, turn. In rows corresponding with row 2 of pattern st work in loop below front loop of s c for ribbing. It may be necessary to assist hook through this loop with fingers. In rows corresponding with 3rd row of pattern work in back loop of each s c.

To work even rows omit working in first s c of each row but continue to work last s c in turning ch. Work even for 13 (15, 17) rows always working 1st 20 sts and last 20 sts in s c, remaining sts in pattern as before.

Next Row. Fold work in half and mark center of shoulder, then work in pattern decreasing 1 st at center of shoulder (to decrease: * insert hook in next st, pull loop through, repeat from * once, yarn over and work off all loops at one time). Repeat the last row 3 times.

NECK: Fold work in half and mark center of shoulder, count 10 sts to back and attach yarn, ch 35, skip 35 sts, sl st in next st, cut yarn. This is for front of neck.

LEFT SIDE: Next Row. Work in pattern working 1 s d c in sts in which ch was joined and in each st of ch.

Next Row. Work in pattern across next 62 (65, 68) sts, increase in next st, work across remaining sts.

Next Row. Work in pattern across next 63 (66, 69) sts, increase in next st, work across remaining sts. Work 2 more rows increasing in center st of each row. Work even in pattern for 13 (15, 17) rows, cut yarn.

LEFT SLEEVE: Attach yarn in 41st (44th, 47th) st from edge and work in pattern over next 50 (53, 56) sts for sleeve leaving 40 (43, 46) sts for underarm. Work in pattern decreasing 1 st each row for 30 (33, 36) rows (to decrease: do not work in 1st st and do not work st in turning ch).

Next Row. 1 sl st in each st, cut yarn. Finish edge of opposite sleeve in same manner.

NECK FINISHING: Attach yarn at center front and work a row of sl sts all around, cut yarn.

Sew side and sleeve seams leaving an 8 inch opening on left side for zipper. Sew zipper in position.

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