Lattice Pot Holder Pattern

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Lattice Pot Holder Pattern

Lattice is one of those interesting combinations of simple stitches with the effect obtained by sewing two pieces of crochet together. The two tone holders shown are done as a single piece • the simple instructions may be enlarged for rugs, table mats, chair seats, etc. Lattice forms an air space beneath hot dishes and pans to protect the table • makes a pretty effect in any color combination.

MATERIALS: A ball of White and 50 yds. of color will make a set of 3.

BACKGROUND: With White, ch 23, sk last 3 sts, dc in 20 sts.
ROW 2: Ch 3, turn, dc through both loops of each dc of last row. Drop White, but do not cut.
LATTICE: 1st COL. ROW: Join color to other half of first st of 23 ch (at base of first row of dc), (ch 5, sc in other half of next 4th st of original ch) 5 times.
2nd COL. ROW: Ch 7, turn, sc in center of last 5 ch loop, (ch 5, sc in next loop) 4 times, ch 2, a tr down into same st where first color row started.
3rd COL. ROW: Sl st through front loop of end White dc. Turn, (ch 5, sk next 3 dc, insert hook through back loop of next dc and under color 5 ch loop, catch thread and pull through for a sc) 5 times.
4th COL. ROW: Ch 7, turn, sc in last 5 ch loop, (ch 5, sc in next loop) 4 times, ch 2, a tr down into tr at end of 2nd color row below. Drop color.
ROW 3 (of background): Pick up White, ch 3, turn, dc in back loop of each dc of last White row, working behind color loops.
ROW 4: Repeat Row 2.
Repeat 3rd and 4th rows of Lattice and Rows 3 and 2 of Background three times, making a total of 10 rows of dc in White and 10 of color loops. Fasten off. Background should now be approx. 3¾ in. square.

BORDER—ROW 1: Join color to starting st of original 23 ch, ch 1, 2 sc in same corner st, and work around making 19 sc on each side with 3 sc at each corner. Fasten off.
ROW 2: Work in back loops of sts, sc in each st, with 3 sc in each corner st.
ROW 3: Turn, with White, sc in back loop of each sc around with 3 sc in each corner st. Fasten off.
ROW 4: Turn, with color, work same as Row 3. Fasten off.