Morning, Noon 'N Nite Pot Holder Patterns

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Morning, Noon 'N Nite Pot Holder Patterns

Any of these holder sets can be made from a ball of White Enterprise Yarn and approximately 50 yds. of color matching the kitchen decorations.

These Clocks, each with hands set at different hours, make a holder for each meal of the day. Hang the set on a rack like that for the poppy pattern—for a lovely gift. As pictured, the set has two with White faces; the other is colored.

Crochet firmly to get a heavy holder. Diameter 5¾ to 6 in.
The directions are for White faces—for the colored face reverse colors.
ROUND 1: With White ch 5, sl st to form a ring, ch 1.
ROUND 2: 9 sc in ring. Work around center.
ROUND 3: 2 sc in each st around (20 sc).
ROUND 4: Sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next.
Repeat around. Continue with sc, inc when necessary, to keep flat (do not over inc or will pucker) until 13 rounds are made. Fasten off.

EDGE: Join color to White face in back loop of st, sl st in back loop of each st around. Fasten off. Numerals and hands are crocheted and sewed in place (as illustrated). Colored numbers are made for White faces or White for colored faces. All may be embroidered if desired.

The hands and numerals are simple chains, crocheted to the proper length—for No. 1, ch 5—No. 2, ch 12—No. 3, ch 16—No. 4, ch 15—No. 5, ch 12—No. 6, ch 12—No. 7, ch 9—No. 8, ch 16—No. 9, ch 13—No. 0, ch 8. For hands, 6 and 8 o'clock, ch 20. Noon, ch 14. Pointer on end of hands, ch 6. Applique in place as shown with hands pointing to hours desired. Ch 6 and join to form ring to sew to center of clock over inner end of hands. Crochet a loop or sew a bone ring above 12 on each.