Puff Stitch Pot Holder Patterns

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Puff Stitch Pot Holder Patterns

These instructions give the information needed to make Puff Stitch,—an interesting combination of st itches in Enterprise Yarn that form into rectangular shaped puffs. You can make Hot Pot Holders, Hot Plate and Place Mats for the table, rugs and chair seats in Puff Stitch. Blocks or rows of puffs in color form the designs. If the sc rows between the puffs are in a contrasting color, two tone effects are the result—the puffs in White, with the sc rows darker, make the puffs seem higher, with shadowy valleys between.

Lay out designs on cross ruled paper—the kind high school students use, or found in many note books. Each square on the paper shows a puff stitch. Make initials 3 puffs wide and 5 puffs high. M's, N's, V's and W's are difficult but may be made 5 puffs wide. Lay out those wanted on paper as in the initialed holder. Pencil in the edge evenly around them—if wider letters are needed add rows of puffs to make a square. Each row across the drawing is a row of puffs—change color, where blocks show for the design; crochet a row of sc across, and add the next row of puffs, changing color where necessary in each row.

Any size piece may be made—from holders to largest rugs.
30 Puffs = 1 foot. 5 puffs or 5 rows = 2 inches.
Starting ch is made 2 ch longer than double the number of puffs in first row on chart.


(This is the Initial Holder in Puff Stitch.)

A pair of holders, approx. 5" square, will use 100 yds. White and 30 yds. color, if designs are as pictured here.
To Crochet: With White ch 28. 27 sc on ch (always 1 sc shorter than ch).
ROW 2: IF A SINGLE COLOR: Ch 1, turn, sc in last sc, * 2 dc in next, holding final loop of each dc on hook, YO and pull thru all 3 loops on hook at once (1 puff st made), sc in next sc, pulling it down tight,—let it puff out on back of work, which will be the right side. Repeat from * across (13 Puffs).
ROW 2: IF COLORED DESIGNS (as the initial holder): Ch 1, turn, 9 puffs in White. Then in sc following 9th puff, hold 2 loops of sc on hook, drop White, draw loop of color thru 2 loops, completing sc. Each color is joined this way—thru sc following puff—make 3 puffs in color, drop color, draw up White, one puff in White, ch 1, turn. In this and all other sc rows following puff rows, colors are joined this way and worked exactly above color in previous rows.
ROW 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in last sc, (sc in next puff, sc in next sc) repeat across (27 sc). If colors are only used once in row, drop on wrong side until picked up in following sc row,—if used again in same row, carry along, covering up.
(The sc row is put on after each puff row end may be in contrasting colors for the two tone effect.) Continue from Row 2 on, adding alternate rows of puffs and sc. Complete with row of sc following final puff row. Finish sides with sc in same color as ends. If contrasting edge is wanted start and finish ends and sides in color.


Diamond shapes are simple to do—they make initials and designs that show "straight up" when hanging on the hook.

To Crochet: Start at point—ch 4, 3 sc on chain, ch 1, turn, sc in last sc, puff st in next (instructions for square holders above describe how to make puff st), sc in next sc. Add 1 puff each end of following puff rows until 9 rows are complete (17 puffs in Row 9), then dec 1 puff at end of each row until 1 puff remains at top. Edge: If wanted—sc in last puff, (ch 3, sc in end of each sc row) and sc in each corner puff. Continue around holder. Join and fasten off.

TO INCREASE: After each puff row is complete, ch 3, turn, sk 1 st of ch-3, 1 sc in each st across to end of row. Work 2 more sc in last sc (3 sc in end sc).
TO DECREASE: Start at end of puff row 9, ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each st across, ending in third st from end, ch 1, turn, make puff row as before but 1 puff less than previous row.

Any design you can lay out on cross ruled paper can be crocheted in Puff Stitch.

Puff Stitch Pot Holder Patterns
Puff Stitch Pot Holder Patterns
Puff Stitch Pot Holder Patterns
Puff Stitch Pot Holder Patterns