Jabot Pattern #2026

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Jabot Pattern #2026

Clark's O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet, size 30, White, 1 ball.
Milward's steel crochet hook No. 10.

Beginning at top of large piece, ch 27, turn. 1st row: 3 d c in 4th ch from hook. * Skip 3 sts of ch, s c in next (a block), ch 3, 3 d c in st in which s c was just made, repeat from * ending with s c in last ch (8 blocks). Ch 3, turn. 2nd row: S c under ch-3 of 1st block, ch 3, * 3 d c under same ch-3, s c under ch-3 of next block, repeat from * ending with 3 d c under last ch-3, ch 3, turn. 3rd to 9th rows incl: Same as 2nd row. 10th row: Work 2 blocks and after working 3 d c of 3rd block, make s c in 1st d c of next block, ch 3, d c in same d c (this is an increase). S c under ch-3 of same block and continue with design for 3 more blocks, then make an increase as before, work next 2 blocks, ch 3, turn. 11th row: Work blocks as before, making 1 block over each of the 2 increasing ch's (10 blocks in all). Continue as before and make 2 increases on the 20th and 2 increases on the 30th rows, making ch's after the 3rd block in from each side. After the 30th row, work 4 rows evenly and then start decreas­ing at edges to shape point. To decrease, work design as before but omit working block under last ch-3 on every row, thus decreasing 1 block every row. Continue decreasing until 2 blocks are left. Fasten off. Attach thread to one end of point and work s c, ch 3 and 3 d c over each ch-3 only around the 2 sides of point.

Narrow pieces: (make 2) To begin, ch 15, turn. 1st to 16th rows incl: Work as for large piece, but make only 4 blocks to a row. 17th row: Make 2 blocks, then make an increase, work next 2 blocks, ch 3, turn. 18th row: Work as before, making a block over increasing ch (5 blocks in all). Work 8 more rows evenly. Increase on next row as before. Work 3 rows evenly (6 blocks to a row). Then start decreasing at one side only, to shape point. To decrease one side only, omit making block over last ch-3 of every other row, until 1 block remains, thus keeping one side straight. Attach thread to point and work s c, ch 3, 3 d c over each ch-3 of decreased edge. Sew together as in illustration.