Tatted Edging Pattern #1507

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Tatted Edging Pattern #1507


All edgings can be Tatted or Crocheted in White, Solid, Shaded or Iridescent colors using American Thread Company "Star" Tatting Cotton or "Star" Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton sizes 60-100. 1 Ball of Tatting Cotton will be sufficient to make any of the following Edgings.


R 9 p, close r, ch 6 ds, 3 p * sep by 6 ds, 6 ds, join to fifth p of r, 6 ds, R 9 p close r, ch, 6 ds, R 9 P, close R, ch 6 ds, join to p on opposite ch, 6 ds, 2 p, repeat from * for desired length.