Bunny Rattle Pattern #1525

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MATERIALS REQUIRED—American Thread Company "Dawn" Pompadour Yarn or Shetland Floss.

1¾ -oz. Ball, White, Pink or Blue.

Bone Crochet Hook No. 2—1 yd. narrow Ribbon.

Large Circle. Ch 36, join and work 1 s c in each st, join each row.

2nd Row—Ch 3, 1 d c in each s c.

3rd Row—Ch 3, *1 d c in next d c, 2 d c in next d c, repeat from * all around.

4th Row—Ch 3, 2 d c in each d c then work 1 row of d c even.

Last Row—*Ch 3, 1 s c in each of the next 2 d c, repeat from * all around.

SMALL CIRCLE. Ch 22, join and repeat the 1st 4 rows of large circle then repeat the last row.

Slip the large circle over the head of toy.

Slip Ribbon through the ruffle at each end and tie with small bows to form sleeves.

Lace ribbon through the 2nd row of small circle, slip it over the head and tie in front with a bow.