Narcissus Vanity Set Edging Pattern #EI-290

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Narcissus Vanity Set Pattern

J. & P. Coats Tatting-Crochet, Size 70, 7 balls of White (No. 1) and 2 balls of Dark Yellow (No. 43) and Hunter's Green (No. 48) … ½ yard of yellow organdie … Steel Crochet Hook No. 14.

Centerpiece measures 11½ x 17 inches; each side piece measures 10 inches square.

FIRST NARCISSUS … Starting at center with White, ch 6. Join with sl st to form ring.

FIRST PETAL1st row: Ch 3, 3 dc in ring. Ch 3, turn. 2nd row: Dc in first dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in top of turning chain. Ch 3, turn. 3rd row: Skip first dc, holding back on hook the last loop of each dc, make dc in next 3 dc, thread over and draw through all loops on hook (2 dc decreased), dc in next dc, work off next 3 sts as 1 dc. Ch 3, turn. 4th row: Skip first dc, work off all other sts as 1 st. Break off.

SECOND PETAL … Attach White to ring, ch 5 and complete as for First Petal.
   Make 4 more petals in this manner.

CENTER … Starting at base with Dark Yellow, ch 4. 1st rnd: 6 dc in 4th ch from hook, sl st in top of starting chain. 2nd rnd: Ch 3, dc in same place as sl st, dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc (1 dc increased), dc in next 3 dc. Join. 3rd rnd: Ch 3, dc in each dc increasing 1 dc at opposite points of rnd. 4th rnd: Sc in same place as sl st, * ch 5, sc in next dc. Repeat from * around, ending with ch 5, sl st in first sc. Break off. Sew Center in place.
   Make 40 flowers for centerpiece and 28 flowers for each side piece.
   For Centerpiece, tack 7 flowers to­gether at 2 opposite points, leaving 2 petals free on each side of joining for each short side. Join 11 flowers in same manner for each long side. To form corner, join a flower to end flowers of 2 adjacent sides, leaving 4 petals free on outer edge on corner flower.
   For each side piece join 6 flowers for each side and one at each corner as before.

HEADING … Attach Green to point of first free petal on inner edge of long side, sc in same place, * ch 6, sc in tip of next petal, ch 6, skip 2 rows of next petal, make a long tr in end st of next row—to make a long tr, thread over hook 5 times—skip cluster on next petal, make a long tr in end st of next row, ch 6, sc in tip of next petal. Repeat from * across to corner, ending with sc.

To Form Corner: Ch 4, (make a long tr in joining of next 2 petals) twice; ch 4, sc in tip of next petal, and work as for other side. Complete rnd, making corners as before. Join and break off.
   Cut 3 pieces of organdie, each slightly larger all around than inner edge of corresponding crocheted edg­ings. Make a narrow hem around each piece. Sew Edgings in place.