Kordette Bag Pattern No. 4815

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Kordette Bag Pattern No. 4815

Jack Frost Kordette—4 125-yd. Tubes
Interchangeable with Cordet or Soutache
Size 4 White Crochet Hook

Starting at top of bag, ch 57. Work 1 d c in each ch st, in­creasing 1 st in every 4th ch st across row, ch 3, turn. Row 1—Work 1 d c in first st, * 1 d c around the post of the next d c of previous row, inserting hook sideways (cable st), 1 d c in each of the next, 2 d c; repeat from * across row ending with 2 d c in last st, ch 3, turn. Row 2—Work 1 d c in the first st, 1 d c around the post of each d c of previous row and 1 d c over the cabled st of previous row. Repeat above 2 rows in­creasing 1 st at each end on every row and 1 st in each block every 4th row, until 6 block rows have been made (12 rows). * Slip st across 1 block, work to within last block; repeat from * until 10 block rows in all have been made from first row to lower edge. There should be 6 d c in each block on last 2 rows. Fasten off.
   Make a corresponding piece.

GUSSET—Make a ch long enough to fit from the 3rd block from top of bag, around the base to the 3rd block from op­posite side, ch 3, turn. Work 1 d c in each ch. Fasten off.
   Join gusset to each side of bag with a row of s c.