Oblong Pillow Pattern

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Oblong Pillow Pattern

LILY DOUBLE QUICK Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Art. 50: 3 skeins Dk. Brown and 4 skeins Flamingo.

200 yards gold metallic thread.

No. 0 Steel Crochet Hook.

An oblong pillow, 10 x 15 inches.

Starting at one short side with Brown, make a 13-inch chain.

ROW 1: Sc in 2d ch from hook, sk 1 ch, in next ch make sc, ch 2, sc; * sk 2 ch, in next ch make sc, ch 2, sc; repeat from * for 9½ inches; sk 1 ch, sc in next ch.

ROW 2: Drop Brown, draw a strand each of Flamingo and gold thru lp, turn and working over starting end of threads, sc in 1st sc, in center ch-2 of each shell make sc, ch 2, sc; sc in end sc. Cut 3 inches long.

ROW 3: Draw Brown up thru 1st sc at other end, ch 1, sc in same sc, * ch 2, sc down between next 2 shells (under all Flamingo and gold threads); repeat from * across, working over 3-inch end left from last row; ch 2, sc in end sc.

ROW 4: Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st sc, in each ch-2 sp make sc, ch 2, sc; sc in end sc. Repeat Rows 2, 3 & 4 for 14½ inches, ending with Row 3.

Edge: Ch 1, turn, 3 sc in 1st sc, (2 sc in next sp, sc in next sc) repeated across, 3 sc in corner st, work sc around next 3 sides, with 3 sc in each corner; join and fasten off. Make a 2d piece. Stretch and pin pieces right-side-down in correct size. Steam and press dry thru a cloth. With wrong sides facing and working thru both thick­nesses, attach Brown to one corner, sc around 3 sides, insert pillow and complete other side.