Hot Plate Mats Pattern #215

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Hot Plate Mats Pattern #215

Materials Required. "Star" Pearl Cotton size 3 for the Mats and size 5 for the Edge.
5 Medium Balls, White, size 3.
5 Medium Balls, Light Yellow or any color desired, size 3.
3 Medium Balls, White, size 5.
Steel Crochet Hook No. 6.

LARGE MAT. With White ch 81, turn, skip 1 ch and * work 10 s c, attach Yellow and work 10 s c (carry all threads under sts) repeat from * 3 times. Ch 1, turn and work 3 more rows working Yellow over Yellow and White over White.

Next Row—Work White over Yellow and Yellow over White and work 3 more rows. Repeat these 8 rows until there are 6 White Blocks and 5 Yellow Blocks.

START NEXT SIZE MAT with ch 71 and work 5 White and 5 Yellow Blocks.

START NEXT TO SMALLEST MAT with ch 61 and work 4 White Blocks and 4 Yellow Blocks.

SMALL MAT. Start with ch 51 and work 4 White and 3 Yellow Blocks.

EDGE. Large Mat. 1st Row—Work 41 one ch meshes on long side, 1 mesh in corner, 27 meshes on short side, mesh in corner and work other half to correspond.

2nd Row—9 tr c in corner * skip 1 mesh, s c in next mesh, 7 tr c in next mesh, repeat from * around mat working 9 tr c in corners.

3rd Row—S c in first tr c, ch 4, d c in next tr c, * ch 1, d c in next tr c, repeat from * 4 times, ch 1, s c in last tr c, s c in s c, s c in first tr c of next shell, * ch 1, tr c in next tr c, repeat from * 4 times, ch 1, s c in last tr c, s c in s c between shells, s c in 1st tr c of next shell, ch 1 and continue all around.

ON NEXT SIZE MAT. Work 37 meshes across long sides including corners and 23 meshes on each short side.

NEXT TO SMALLEST MAT. Work 33 meshes including corners across long sides and 19 meshes on short sides.

SMALLEST MAT. 25 meshes including corners on long sides and 15 meshes on short sides.

2nd and 3rd rows are worked same on all mats.