Hanky Edging Pattern

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Hanky Edging 3 Pattern

MATERIALS.—Ardern's crochet cotton No. 24 (old ticket number) or No. 60 (new ticket number). Tatting shuttle.


Ring.—3 ds. (1 p.9 3 ds.) 7 times, close ring, r.w.
* Chain.—3 ds. (1 p., 2 ds.) twice, 1 p., 3 ds., r.w.
Ring.—3 ds., 1 p., 3 ds., join to 6th p. of previous ring, 3 ds. (1 p., 3 ds.) 5 times, close ring, r.w.
Repeat from * for length required.

After last repeat, omit chain, work ring as before but join 1st p. to last p. of previous ring.

ROW 2.
Join thread to center p. of ring. Work chain as directed for 1st row, join right-hand thread to center p. of next ring. Continue thus to end.

Press borders and fasten off ends. Allowing ¼ in. all round to make a hem measure carefully and cut out a piece of hand­kerchief lawn large enough to fit inside, with finished edges just touching loops of tatting. Hem neatly, then tack lawn to a piece of brown paper. Tack lace all round and sew to lawn through picot loops as invisibly as possible.