Lacy Border Pattern

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Lacy Border 3 Pattern

The illustration shows the lace, so you will see that it is suitable for various types of edging such as hankies, guest towels, tray cloths, etc.


MATERIALS.—Ardern's crochet cotton No. 20 (old ticket number) or No. 40 (new ticket number). Two tatting shuttles.

ROW 1.
Ring.—3 ds., 9 p. sep. by 3 ds., 3 ds., close ring, r.w.
*Chain.—5 ds., 1 p., 5 ds., r.w.
Ring.—3 ds., 1 p., 3 ds., join to 8th p. of previous ring, 3 ds., join to 7th p. of previous ring, 3 ds., 6 p. sep. by 3 ds., close ring. Repeat from * for length required.

ROW 2 (with two shuttles).
Join thread to 5th p. of ring of previous row.
*Chain.—3 ds., 1 p., 3 ds.
Ring (with left-hand shuttle).—2 ds., 3 p. sep. by 2 ds., 2 ds., close ring.
Chain.—3 ds., 1 p., 3 ds.
Repeat from * to end.