Normandie Luncheon Set Pattern #227

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Normandie Luncheon Set Pattern

Materials: For center mat, two place mats and nap­kins, 1 yard of 36-inch white linen and ¾ yard of colored linen. Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Mer­cerized Crochet, size 30, 5 balls of desired color. An attractive combination is color 76 China Blue Mer­cerized Crochet, and a harmonizing lighter shade of linen. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 7 or 8.

Place Mats: Cut two white mats 21 x 14½ inches; and one white center mat 21 inches square. Cut two colored inserts 10½ inches square; two colored nap­kins, 10½ inches square. Hem edges of all pieces with 3/16 inch hem. Use following edge with colored Mercerized Crochet around two large white mats and center mat; 1st row: 1 d c and ch 2 alternately along edge. At corner make 3 d c all in the same place, always with ch-2 between. 2nd row: 1 tr in 1st d c, 2 tr in sp, 1 tr in next d c; ch 2, and repeat from beginning along row. At corner make 7 tr in center d c, with ch 2 at each side. 3rd row: 1 d c each in first and last tr of each group with ch 2 between d c's. Work corner as follows: 1 d c in 1st tr, 3 d c in center tr, 1 d c in end tr, always with ch-2 between d c's. 4th row: 1 s c in each d c, 2 s c over each ch-2. After finishing the large pieces, crochet same edge on small inserts, omitting 4th row. Then insert colored pieces in big white pieces as follows:

Cut a square in center of large mat ⅜ inch smaller than measurement of outside edge of crochet of small piece. Slit material into corners ½ inch. Turn back cut edges in 3/16 inch hem. Hem down. Crochet around edge as follows: S c, ch 2, alternately over hem, around edge. At corner make 3 s c all in same place always with ch-2 between. Pin insert in open­ing. Sew edges of insert to edges of opening with over-and-over stitches, using same thread. Press un­der damp cloth.

Crochet edge of center mat like edge of large mats. Crochet edges of colored napkins as follows: 1st row: same as 1st row of large mats above. 2nd row: 1 s c in each d c and 2 s c over each ch-2, repeat around edge.