Loop Stitch Border Rug Pattern #5104

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7-80 yd. Skeins Beige.
2-80 yd. Skeins Old Rose.
3-80 yd. Skeins Light Green.
6-80 yd. Skeins Dark Rose.
Bone Crochet Hook No. 6.
Rug measures about 24½ x 36 inches.

For a smaller rug use "STAR" Cotton Yarn, Article 75.
6-100 yd. Skeins Cream.
2-100 yd. Skeins Med. Blue.
3-100 yd. Skeins Baby Blue.
5-100 yd. Skeins Nat. Blue.
(The Beige is carried under the st throughout the Rug.)

With Beige, ch 51, about 14 inches.
1st Row. Place the carrying yarn at the beginning of row working over it, work 1 s c in 2nd st from hook. 1 d c in next st, * 1 s c in next st, 1 d c in next st, repeat from * 23 times. (Each row is started with an s c and ended with a d c.)
2nd Row. Ch 1, turn, 1 s c in 1st d c, 1 d c in next s c, * 1 s c in next d c, 1 d c in next s c, repeat from * 23 times. Repeat 2nd row 66 times or until work measures about 25½ inches. Do not break yarn. Work 1 row of s c all around, working 1 s c in each row, 3 s c at each corner, and 1 s c in each st at ends, join, ch 1, turn. The remainder of rug is worked in loop st increasing often enough around the corners to keep work flat. (Loop st: wind yarn around index finger, insert hook in st, draw yarn through pulling yarn from under the finger, drop loop from finger letting it fall to the right side of work and complete s c.) Join each round.
Work 2 rounds in Beige, break yarn.
Join Light Rose about 2 inches from end of work and work 4 rounds in Light Rose, break yarn.
Join Green in the same manner and work 5 rounds, break yarn.
Join Dark Rose in the same manner and work 6 rounds, ch 1, turn. Work 1 round of s c, break carrying yarn.
Next Round. Work 1 round of s c working over the entire st of previous round, break yarn.

Other great patterns from Rugs, Book No. 51.

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