Tapestry Rug Pattern #5109

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23-80 yd. Skeins Rust.
2-80 yd. Skeins Yellow.
3-80 yd. Skeins each Orange & Black.
Steel Afghan Hook Size G.
1 Tapestry Needle.
Finished rug measures about 38 x 60 inches including border.

For a smaller rug use "STAR" Cotton Yarn, Article 75.
19-100 yd. Skeins Dark Green.
2-100 yd. Skeins Yellow.
3-100 yd. Skeins each Light Green and Black.

With Rust: Ch 52 and work in Afghan st as follows, pick up 2nd st from hook and each remaining st of ch, leaving all loops on needle, work back by drawing yarn through 1st loop, * yarn over needle and draw through 2 loops, repeat from * to end of row (51 sts).
2nd Row. Same as 1st row picking up the vertical yarn instead of ch and work back the same way. Repeat 2nd row 49 times.
Last Row. Sl st in each st across row, break yarn. Work 5 more squares. Sew squares together 2 x 3 and work a row of cross stitches over each seam with Rust. Work pattern in cross stitches as illustrated in diagram.
Edge. Work 8 rows of s c all around working 3 s c in center st at each corner.

Other great patterns from Rugs, Book No. 51.

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