Quick Tat Edging Pattern

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Quick Tat Edging Pattern

J. & P. COATS “KNIT-CRO-SHEEN”: 1 ball of No. 46-A Mid Rose.

Tatting shuttle


Edging measures about 1½ inches wide

R of 1 ds (lp, 1 ds) 5 times and cl. Rw, sp of ½ inch, r as before. Rw, sp as before, r of 1 ds, join to last p of first r, 1 ds (lp, 1 ds) 4 times and cl. Rw, sp, r as before joining to last p of second r. * Rw, sp, r joining to last p of next-to-last r. Repeat from * for desired length. Tie and cut. Sew edging to handkerchief. Starch and press.