Bleeding Heart Flower Pattern

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Bleeding Heart Flower Pattern

Materials Required:
No. 14 Floral Wire (Heavy)
Thin floral wire Green or Brown floral tape


1—70 yd. skein each Cerise
¾ yds. White for each Spray

Open Cerise skein and cut into 2½ inch lengths. Take 10 strands, then cut a 3 inch length White. Place White in center of Cerise strands, then cut a 5½ inch length of thin wire. Fold wire in half, then place strands at fold of wire and twist wire tightly, taking care to have long White strand at center. Open strands with knit­ting needle (except White), then brush until fuzzy. Trim into shape. Dot ends with glue and shape with fingers taking care to have White strand in center. Work about 6 more blossoms. Take a 24 inch length heavy wire and twist blos­soms to stem spacing about 4-5 inches apart. Cover wire with floral tape.

Bleeding Heart Flower Pattern 1