Quickie Rug Pattern

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Quickie Rug Pattern

Size: 18 x 36 inches

Materials Required:
3—70 yd. skeins each White, Jade and Black
Wooden Crochet Hook Size Q

GAUGE: 7 sts = 6 inches

Work with 3 strands throughout. Work up a swatch to check gauge. If you get less sts than called for; work looser; if you get more sts than called for; work tighter.

With 1 strand of each color ch 22, 1 s c in 2nd st from hook and in each remaining st of ch, ch 1 to turn all rows. 2nd ROW: Working in back loops of sts only, work 1 sc in each sc. NEXT 6 ROWS: Repeat last row. NEXT 33 ROWS: Working in both loops 1 s c in each sc. NEXT ROW: Working in back loop of sts only, 1 s c in each sc. NEXT 7 ROWS: Repeat last row, cut yarn.