Forsythia Flower Pattern

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Forsythia Flower Pattern

Materials Required:
No. 14 Floral Wire (Heavy)
Thin floral wire Green or Brown floral tape


1-70 yd. skein Yellow will make about 6 completed branches.

Open skein and cut in half, then cut into 1½ inch lengths. Cut a 5 inch length thin wire. * Place 2 strands at center of folded wire and twist wire about 4 times tight­ly (1 blossom completed). Place another 2 strands between same wire and twist about 4 times. Re­peat from * for each twig having groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 blossoms for each twig. Continue until there are about 15 twigs. Take a 24 inch length heavy wire. Starting at top with a 2 blossom twig gradu­ating twigs downward spacing twigs about 1½ inches apart. Bind twigs to stem with thin wire. Cover each twig and branch with Brown floral tape.

Forsythia Flower Pattern 1