Thistle Flower Pattern

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Thistle Flower Pattern

Materials Required:
No. 14 Floral Wire (Heavy)
Thin floral wire Green or Brown floral tape


1—70 yd. skein each Lavender and Lilac

Wind Lavender 60 times over a 3 inch cardboard, slip off card­board, cut each end. Wind Lilac 25 times over a 3¾ inch card­board, slip off cardboard, cut each end. Place Lavender strands over Lilac strands. Take a 5½ inch length thin wire, fold in half and twist around strands taking care to have Lilac on the outside. Open strands with a knitting needle and brush until fuzzy. Take a 20 inch length heavy wire and bind thistle to stem. Shape with hands and trim straight across top. Wind Green floral tape about ½ inch on bottom of thistle, then cover stem wire with floral tape.

Thistle Flower Pattern 1