Ridge Round Hat Pattern #2168

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Ridge Round Hat Pattern #2168

Headsize 22

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. (7 balls) or J. & P. Coats (5 balls) Mercerized Crochet, size 10, color 55-A Dark Navy. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 7.

Beginning at tip, ch 4, join with sl st to form ring. 1st rnd: Ch 3 (to count as 1 d c), 8 d c in ring. Join with sl st to ch-3, ch 1. Do not turn, but work in rnds. 2nd and all even rnds: S c in each d c of previous rnd, picking up only the front loop of d cs. Join with sl st. 3rd rnd: 2 d c in each d c (to increase) of previous d c rnd (1st rnd), picking up the back loop of d cs (16 d c). Join with sl st. Each odd rnd is worked by picking up the loops of the previous d c rnd which lie behind the s c rnd. 5th rnd: 2 d c in each d c of previous d c rnd. Join. 7th rnd: D c in each d c of previous d c rnd, making 16 increases, placing them at equal intervals. Join. Work in this manner, alternating a d c and a s c rnd, increasing 16 d c in each d c rnd (but not placing increases directly over increases of previous rnd), until 15 d c rnds are made (224 d c). Then work without increasing for 3 inches (try hat on, if a larger or a smaller hat is desired, increase or decrease as may be necessary). After the last s c rnd is made, work 2 rnds of s c in place of the usual d c rnd. Then work a rnd of sl sts. Break off.

Bow. Ch 4. 1st row: 3 half d c in 4th ch from hook. Ch 2, turn. 2nd row: 2 half d c in 1st st (this is an increase), 1 half d c in next st, 2 half d c in last st. Ch 2, turn. 3rd row: 2 half d c in 1st st, 1 half d c in each st across, 2 half d c in last st. Ch 2, turn. Repeat 3rd row, increasing 1 st at both ends each row until there are 30 sts in a row. Then work straight for 5 inches. Then decrease 1 st at both ends until 1 st remains. Fasten off. Work another piece same as this, but increase to 20 sts (instead of 30 sts), then work straight for 3 inches, then decrease same as previous piece.

Tab. Make a tab of 8 half d c for 2 inches. Break off. Place smaller piece over larger piece and fasten them together by the tab, thus completing bow. Sew bow on hat vertically (as in illustration), so that it hides the joinings of rnds.