Fish Potholder Pattern #4810

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Fish Potholder Pattern

1—100 yd. Skein Yellow.
1—100 yd. Skein Green.
2 yds. Red and 1 yd. Black.
Steel Crochet Hook No. 00.

Body. With Yellow, ch 4, 4 d c in 1st st of ch, ch 1, turn.
2nd Row. 1 s c and 1 d c in each of the 4 d c, ch 1, turn.
3rd Row. Work 1 s c in each d c and 1 d c in each s c (pattern) across row working 1 more pattern in last d c, ch 1, turn.
4th and 5th Rows. Repeat 3rd row.
6th Row. Work even in pattern.
7th Row. Increase 1 pattern at end of row.
Repeat last 2 rows 4 times, then work 11 rows even, ch 1, turn.
27th Row. Insert in 1st st, pull through, insert in next st, pull through, insert in next st, pull through and complete s c, (2 sts decreased) and continue even in pattern across row, ch 1, turn.
Next 8 Rows. Repeat last row, break yarn.
Fin and Tail Sections. With Green, work 1st 5 rows same as 1st 5 rows of body, then work 1 more row same as 3rd row of body, break yarn. Work 2 more sections in same manner.
Fins. Sew long side of section to the even rows at top of body.
Tail. Sew 1 short side to the 1st seven rows of body as illustrated. Sew other section to opposite side of body in same manner. Work other half of mitt in same manner. Sew the 2 sections together, leaving tail end open. With Black, embroider eyes as illustrated. With Red, embroider mouth using an overcasting st.