Sally Spool Doll Pattern #4816

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Sally Spool Doll Pattern

17 Spools Assorted Shades.
1 Spool Black "AUNT LYDIA" Button and Carpet Thread, Article 1.
1 Spool White "STAR" Six Cord, Size 10.
1—100 yd. Skein Red "STAR" Cotton Yarn, Article 75.
2 Small Black Buttons for Eyes.

Head. Cut 2 oval pieces from any White material about 2 x 3 inches, sew them together leaving about 1 inch open at one end for filling. Fill with cotton. With a heavy cord, string spool to be used for foot and tie in center of cord. Over the 2 strands of cord string 4 spools. String opposite foot and leg in same manner. Tie the 4 strands of cord together in a heavy knot. Run all cords through the Black Aunt Lydia, tie another heavy knot. Run all cords through the White "Star" Six Cord and tie a heavy knot. The arms are made the same as legs using 1 spool for each hand and 2 spools for each arm. Tie all cords around the last knot so cords cannot go through spool. Sew open section of head around knot. Embroider mouth with Red. Nose and eye brows with Black. Use buttons for eyes as illustrated.
Skirt. With "Star" Cotton Yarn, ch 23, 1 s c in 6th st from hook, * ch 5, s c in next st of ch, ch 5, s c in same st, ch 5, s c in next st, repeat from * to end of row, ch 5, turn.
2nd Row. 1 s c in 1st 5 ch loop, * ch 5, 1 s c in next loop, repeat from * to end of row, ch 5, turn. Repeat 2nd row 4 times.
7th Row. Ch 3, s c in 1st loop, ch 3, s c in same loop, * ch 3, s c in next loop, ch 3, s c in same loop, repeat from * to end of row, break yarn leaving a thread to sew back seam.
Collar. Ch 15, and work 2 rows the same as skirt, then working across other side of ch, work 9, ch-3 loops, break yarn.
Pompon. Wind yarn about 25 times over a 2½ inch cardboard, remove and tie around center leaving 2 lengths about 2½ inches, trim. Make 6 more pompons in same manner.
Earrings. Ch 2, 5 s c in 1st st of ch, break yarn and make another earring in same manner. Attach to side of head.
Place skirt around top of Black spool and sew in place.
Place collar around neck and sew. Using 2 strands of Cotton Yarn, run it through top of head, having about 6 inches at both sides, run strands through last spool from each side and tie at top. Tie 1 pompon at each side of spool at head, one at top of spool. Tie 1 pompon at each hand and foot.