Tie Backs Pattern #946

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Tie Backs Pattern, No. 946

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Knitting and Crochet Cotton, 1 ball each of a dark and light color.

Cut 36 strands, each 36 inches long, of dark color. Make 2 braids, each consisting of 18 strands. Then make 2 braids same as this with light color. With light color, wind thread around all 4 braids several times, about 2 inches from end, having the 2 dark braids in center. Tie securely. Knot the 2 dark braids together in a double knot, 1 inch from where braids were tied together. * Draw 1 dark braid out to side, and tie with a double knot to 1 light braid, 1 inch apart from last knot made. Tie the other dark and light braids in the same way. Then knot the 2 light braids at center, and tie together as before 1" apart from each of last 2 knots (see diagram). Knot the 2 light braids together again, 2" apart from last knot made, always holding braids taut while knotting. Draw 1 light braid down and out to one side, and knot to dark braid 1 inch apart from last knot. Do the same at other side with the other light and dark braids. Draw the 2 dark braids to center, and knot together 1 inch apart from each of last 2 knots made. Repeat from * until piece measures about 14 inches. Tie the 4 braids together to corre­spond with opposite end.

Fringed Ends. Undo the braids as far as where they are tied together. Make a knot at the end of each braid, leaving a fringe of 1½". Trim ends evenly.

Tie Backs Pattern, No. 946 chart